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Protect Your EV and Yourself

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Car accidents have increased lately and almost everyone has experienced a less or more severe collision. Even if you are an extremely cautious driver, you cannot eliminate the risk of a crash. Every vehicle driver needs to know how to handle the situation after meeting with an accident. The first step is to get medical help, and the next is to file an insurance claim. For filing car accident injury claim, you get two options, either you:


  • Have a
    lawyer represent you

A severe car accident is a crushing
experience. Small collisions like fender benders are fine if you represent
yourself. However, personal injury cases go through a lengthy process that is
wearisome mentally and physically. By hiring a car accident
attorney in Newark, NJ
representing you, you get enough time to

Benefits of having an experienced
car accident lawyer represent you

A lawyer can change things

To benefit from hiring an accident
lawyer, you must choose an experienced and reputed law firm, such as the Rosengard
Law Group in New Jersey. They have decades of experience in fighting for the
people whom they represent in the court.

Familiar with the statute of

Statute of limitation is the legal
time a plaintiff gets to start legal action like filing a claim. A lawyer should
be aware of your state’s time limit, so they will work towards fulfilling the
needed deadlines. If you miss filing a claim within your state’s specified time
limit, you forfeit the right to litigate. 

Handles insurance

The goal of an insurance company is
to pay as little as they can for damages against your car accident claim. Even
a single small payout will decrease the overall cost of the insurance company,
so they aim to reimburse as low as they can. Therefore, it is necessary to
choose an experienced car accident lawyer, who is aware of how to handle an
insurance claim. 

Prove liability 

courthouse; photo by Claire Anderson
Choose a lawyer who knows when to go to court

Car accident court cases depend on
reports from witnesses and police. To prove negligence or fault, evidence is
crucial. Usually, out of court negotiations are preferred, but at times these
are unsuccessful, and thus court settlement becomes a necessity. To be
successful in the court, it is necessary to prove who is responsible.

A lawyer should be well aware of
what necessary steps need to be taken in court before the judge to ensure that
your case is a success. They’ll have a team working hard to collect information
and evidence revealing the other party at fault. 

Know when to settle

An experienced lawyer can identify
when it’s the right time to opt for an out-of-court settlement. It is also
crucial to discern if filing a claim is in your interest or not. With a
professional, you know what precise steps to take and when. 

Represents you aggressively in

The lawyer you hire fights for your
best interest. They work hard to ensure that you get what you deserve. Even in
the worst conditions, your attorney is your best ally. He/she will represent
you in court, allowing you to perform your routine activities during an ongoing

To wrap it up, make sure that you
do thorough research before hiring a car accident lawyer, to get what you

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