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Inside Zoox: The robot vehicle totally changing transportation | Aicha Evans | Zoox
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0:00 Introduction
1:12 The technology
2:57 What’s it like to ride in one?
5:53 The future of transportation

Riding in a Zoox car is boring, which is exactly how the company likes it. Every time a rider says they had a boring ride, Zoox knows it’s one step closer to delivering fully autonomous vehicular transportation to the masses.

Oh, and don’t call it a car.

“This is not a car,” says Jesse Levinson, Co-Founder and CTO at Zoox. “The fact you cannot drive a Zoox vehicle by yourself, that it doesn’t have manual controls, that in our view distinguishes it from what people traditionally refer to as cars.”

In fact, Zoox views its vehicles as an antidote to cars. If Zoox has its way, no one will own cars in the future. Instead, people will use its fleet of on-call, fully-autonomous vehicles.

Car ownership could become obsolete and in its stead may be a safer, greener, more reliable form of vehicular transportation.

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