Power Up: What You Can Do To Keep You Battery Working for You

Understanding Battery Health

EV batteries are the heart of your vehicle, and their health is critical to performance and longevity. While extreme temperatures can affect battery life, other considerations, such as charging habits, usage patterns and software updates, play a crucial role.

Charging Practices—The way you charge your EV has a significant impact on its battery life.

Here are some best practices:

  • Avoid keeping the battery at 100% or 0% for extended periods, as both can strain the battery.
  • Regularly charging your vehicle between 20% and 80% helps maintain optimal battery health.
  • Use a consistent and moderate charging speed when possible. Fast charging should be an occasional convenience, not a habit.

Driving Habits—Your driving habits also affect battery health.

EV battery health services
EV battery health services are becoming available
  • Frequent rapid acceleration and high-speed driving can deplete battery life more quickly.
  • Utilize regenerative braking features to help maintain battery charge.

Vehicle Usage—How and where you use your EV can influence battery health.

  • Avoid exposing your vehicle to extreme temperatures for extended periods.
  • Storing your EV in a garage can help protect the battery from temperature extremes.
  • Minimizing short trips can reduce the number of charge cycles, which can help extend battery life.

Battery Management Systems

Modern EVs come with sophisticated battery management systems (BMS) that:

  • Monitor battery cell conditions to optimize performance and longevity.
  • Regulate the temperature and balance the charge across the battery pack.
  • Protect the battery from overcharging and deep discharging.

Regular Maintenance—Regular maintenance and diagnostics are crucial.

  • Schedule regular check-ups for your EV to ensure the battery and related systems are functioning correctly.
  • Stay updated with software and firmware updates to optimize battery management and performance.

Long-Term Storage

If you need to store your EV:

  • Charge the battery to around 50% before storage.
  • Store the vehicle in a cool, dry place to prevent battery degradation.

Dispelling Myths and Emphasizing Facts

It’s important to dispel myths and focus on facts regarding EV battery health.

Myth: EV batteries are maintenance-free.Fact: EV batteries require regular check-ups and mindful usage to maintain health.
Myth: EV batteries don’t last long.Fact: With proper care and maintenance, EV batteries can last many years.
Myth: EVs are not reliable.Fact: EVs are highly reliable with fewer moving parts than conventional vehicles, but like any technology, they require informed care to ensure longevity.

Monitoring and Adaptation

GM EV platform
Batteries are always evolving  so it’s good to keep up on the latest innovations
  • Keeping an eye on your vehicle’s battery state of charge can offer insights into its health and efficiency.
  • Adapt your charging and driving habits based on the performance and capacity you observe over time.

Battery Health Services

As the EV market evolves, accurately evaluating and selling used EVs becomes a critical challenge. Cox Automotive is leading the charge in transforming how the automotive industry approaches this challenge, focusing on EV battery health and valuation, and how to drive confidence and transparency with buyers and sellers.

Innovations in Battery Technology

  • The industry constantly evolves with new battery technologies that promise extended life and faster charging.
  • Keep informed about your vehicle’s manufacturer’s latest advancements and how they might benefit your EV’s battery health.

By understanding the intricacies of EV battery health, you can take proactive steps to ensure your vehicle remains efficient and reliable. Whether it’s through strategic charging, mindful driving, or regular maintenance, your approach to battery care will significantly influence the performance and lifespan of your electric vehicle. Remember, an informed owner is an empowered owner.

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