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World's largest nuclear fusion reactor begins construction in France #Shorts #Engineering

With a budget of 20 billion euros (about R$ 127 billion) and the joint work of 35 countries, the largest nuclear fusion reactor in the ... source


The past few months have been busy for the team! We’ve been traipsing across the globe (yes, we love our jobs), getting adoringly acquainted with some of the best properties around the world. And we couldn’t be more thrilled about this delightful...

Ancien Fort de Pattacreuse – My Cycling Challenge

I am still here! I have been mainly riding locally or visiting nearby bigger climbs that I have written about endlessly (Joux Plane, Croix Fry, Colombière, etc). But thank-you for all the kind emails worrying about me! 🙂 Here is a new fun adventure. An unpaved...

Fusion energy explained

Fusion energy could change the planet. But what is it and why don't we have it? Physicists Andrew Zwicker, Arturo Dominguez ... source