Lilium Capital Markets Day | Technology, Certification, Business Model & Financials | eVTOL | Part 2


by Kivi



Part 2. Lilium provided an update on its technology, certification and manufacturing plans, business model, and commercial relationships with established industry suppliers and infrastructure developers.

Part 1, Lilium Capital Markets Day | New Partnerships:

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Lilium and Azul intend to enter negotiations to build an exclusive eVTOL network in Brazil expected to start in 2025
Lilium plans to sell 220 jet aircraft, for up to $1billion, for Azul to operate across the network
Tesla veteran Gabrielle Toledano and accomplished aviation executive Henri Courpron to join Lilium’s Board of Directors following business combination with Qell.

CUSTOMCELLS, who supply international aviation, automotive and military customers, including Porsche AG, will be one of Lilium’s prime suppliers, manufacturing lithium-ion batteries at scale for the all-electric 7-Seater Lilium Jet. Utilising Lilium’s licensed technology, CUSTOMCELLS will industrialize battery cells for high-quality series production at its Tübingen location. At the Tübingen site, CUSTOMCELLS, together with partner and equipment manufacturer Manz AG, offers one of the most modern battery cell production lines in Europe.
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