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Updated: are old secrets behind lockheed’s new fusion machine?

Updated: are old secrets behind lockheed's new fusion machine? The defense firm Lockheed Martin sent tech geeks into a frenzy ... source

Compact Fusion Hot-Plate Welder

Watch a Demo of Extol's new Compact Fusion hot-plate welder. This welder is so small, it can easily fit in a clean room. In addition ... source

News Flash: Week of December 1, 2023

“News Flash” is FREESKIER’s online column designed to keep you up-to-date with snippets of outdoor news you need to know about. This article is published weekly on Fridays, recapping the entire week. Sugar Bowl Resort opens for the season on December 1, 2023...

FTB Skies Mekanism Fusion Reactor + Easy Antimatter Automation EP24

FTB Skies is the first instalment in an ongoing pack series we'll be bringing you with each minecraft version. We plan to showcase ... source