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Fusion reactor cut to 10 minutes.mpg

This is a demonstration of my thermonuclear fusion reactor. I think this hydrogen has been used up as there is very little excess ... source

Working on STEP – Meet Jamie

Meet Jaime Farrington, a development engineer working on our Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production (STEP) programme. source

Can You Self-Arrest If Sliding Out of Control on Ice?

GETTING A GRIP If you fall. lose your skis and slide downhill out of control on an icy hardpack run, can you self-arrest? Or should you just hope for a strong safety net? The YouTube video, below, recently caught my attention. It's titled, '1100 metre piste...

Gonna Dress You Up In My Ennui – Bike Snob NYC

It was an early Monday morning. The Hudson River was like glass: And the pickleball courts of suburbia were as yet untrodden by New Balances: It was across this placid landscape that one semi-professional bike blogger pedaled a now-silent carbon and titanium...