Cybersocialism: Project Cybersyn & The CIA Coup in Chile (Full Documentary)


by Kivi



Any description here must be prefaced by gratitude to the couple hundred people that made this project possible. I hope it lives up to the vision I presented to you all, those months ago.

If you want to see content like this show up online, it needs your support. I have gained some experience these past 4 months, particularly that big projects are a bad idea for small channels. Unfortunately I am yet beholden to a shadowy algorithmic god who does not reward production value or effort, only the frequency of uploads. You can help by either buying a ticket to the bonus content, or by sharing it around if that isn’t viable, and maybe then I can do more like this in the future. There are already a bunch of videos of the creation process on Patreon.

We have some follow-up content on the Plasticpills podcast. Here is the first episode on a series about Cybernetics and Systems Theory, and here is a link to the companion episode for this documentary:
The public podcast can be found wherever you get podcasts (PlasticPills – Philosophy & Critical Theory). All exclusive episodes are up on Patreon.

Translations by/traducido al español por Carlos Salinas, Traductor de la Universidad de La Serena, Chile; contact for ESP/ENG (

Works Cited

If you are looking for a reading list, start with Eden Medina’s “Cybernetic Revolutionaries,” which is the definitive study of the Cybersyn project. (Maybe you can find it at your local indie bookstore? Ha. Maybe Barnes & Noble is a less exploitative employer? Ha. Here’s the Amazon link but if you’re moral you’ll wait till the revolution to order it):

If you are led to believe this is all propagating conspiracy theory, here is official, mostly unredacted US Senate Committee Report from the mid 1970s:

Stafford Beer’s “Brain of the Firm” explains in detail the application of viable systems theory to organizations, and in it, Beer offers his reflections on Project Cybersyn post-hoc:

Other sources cited include:
“The Pinochet File” by Peter Kornbluh (
“Chile 1973: The Other 9/11” by David Francois (

“Successful Neoliberalism?” by Ashley Davis-Hamel, paywalled by an academic conglomerate here:

0:00 Intro
7:51 Cybernetics
12:04 The Designers of Cybersyn
20:11 Project Cybersyn
28:08 The Empire Strikes Back
46:57 The October Strike
50:22 Democracy Dies in Chile



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