Hoverboard causes our family to lose everything


by Kivi



On August 6th at approximately 8:15 pm my husband had already left for a weekend trip for work, my 14 yr old step son, Caleb, was at his moms, and I had just left home to take my step mom to her house, and my 15 yr old son, Jordan was home alone. My son noticed smoke coming from one of the bedrooms and when he opened the door he said he was nearly hit in the face with flames. He ran out the door to catch me cause he said he could still see my vehicle as I was leaving but I never heard his screams. He ran to the neighbors house to ask for help and then he called me and my husband. I quickly turned around and rushed home. I never made it far by the time I got the call. By the time I arrived the house was clearly on fire and you could see flames from the outside. I told my son to call 911. I ran to the front door because I knew I had to try to save my animals inside. I went inside the front door which is located in our living room hoping to at least feel my way through but the heat was so intense and smoke was so thick and black I couldn’t make it past the living room. I then went back out and ran to the back door only to find it locked so I had to throw my body weight into the door to bust it open. Once opened I was going to go inside to again attempt to rescue my animals but when I stepped in I could feel the flames. My teacup chihuahuas was right at the back door in behind a play yard fence so I moved the fence from the wall and left the back door open in hopes that they would find their way out the door. I then ran to the back yard where I kept two goats and let them out and I climbed on top of their house so I could reach my bedroom window because inside my bedroom i had left my boxer. I had to rip the air conditioner out of the window before I could raise the window. I yelled for him and tried to feel for him as I was half way through the window. He slowly came to me and I grabbed him by the collar and pulled only for it to come off so I grabbed his harness and with my sons help we pulled him out. By that time the house was pretty much engulfed in flames and the fire trucks was arriving. There was a live power line arching that prevented them from spraying the carport area at first. They sent my son to be evaluated at the hospital for smoke inhalation and was released a couple hours later. We lost 4 of our beloved pets and pretty much all our belongings because what wasn’t burnt was completely smoked damaged. We also lost one vehicle that was under the carport. The insurance only covers the house and nothing more and because of the car being under a carport the insurance didn’t cover it either. Later when it was investigated it was concluded that the source of the fire was from a hoverboard that hadn’t been used in quiet some time that I recently got out of storage and put in the room the fire started My husbands boss has been paying for us to stay at the comfort inn and my daughter and her boyfriend got us a camper but before we can stay in it we have to do repairs. We are also trying to fix up a storage building we have to try to have room for all four of us.
My 40 yr husband had purchased this home when he was only 18 yrs old and worked very hard every day to provide for his family and continues to do so but it’s very hard on all of us as we are overwhelmed emotionally and financially with the situation.
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