The All-New Pride Maxima Mobility Scooter (SC901) Unboxing & Review


by Kivi



The all-new Pride Mobility Maxima has a brand new, attractive look that is sure to turn heads as you ride around the neighborhood. The new 2021 Maxima was released in Q3 of 2021 and features a brand new design that is futuristic and practical. The new Maxima has a bumper guard around the base and foot platform as well as a new LED lighting kit. It has a very comfortable captain’s seat that rotates, reclines and that’s easy to remove for transportation.

The Maxima comes in a 3 wheel or a 4 wheel configuration, both of which can support up to 500 lbs. This heavy duty mobility scooter is made by the most trusted name in mobility scooter manufacturing, Pride Mobility. Pride Mobility offers the industry’s leading warranty and they even include a 1-year in-home service agreement to cover labor charges associated with any warranty claims. Pride Mobility puts a lot of research into their new product designs and it shows in this newly designed mobility scooter.

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Introduction – (0:00)
Spec sheet of Pride Maxima – (0:08)
Unboxing the 1st box/unit – (0:31)
Removing the components of the box – (0:46)
Removing the plastic sheets of the scooter – (1:02)
How to lift the handlebar – (1:20)
How to remove the tie straps – (1:33)
How to disengage the automatic brake lever – (2:23)
Unboxing the second box – (2:49)
How to install the basket – (3:07)
How to connect the batteries – (3:33)
Unboxing the third box/seat – (5:03)
How to install the seat and headrest – (5:54)
How to install the armrest – (6:55)
How to install the side mirror – (8:00)
How to operate the scooter – (8:45)
Lights – (9:30)
Tiller adjustment lever – (10:05)
USB/charging port – (10:12)
How to charge the scooter – (10:16)
Test drive – (10:36)
Ending – (10:49)



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