Why Trains Suck in America


by Kivi



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Trains, well, just aren’t that great in America. Here’s why.

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Opening Amtrak video courtesy Coleman Place (Creative Commons License)
Amtrak System Map modified from original by Maximilian Dörrbecker (Creative Commons License)
Train icon created by Roman J. Sokolov from the Noun Project
Airport Check-in video courtesy Amsterdam airport Schiphzl (Creative Commons License)
TSA video courtesy Brian Wilson (Creative Commons License)
Acela Express footage courtesy Alexander Wood (Creative Commons License)
Turkey high speed rail photo courtesy B’Tian Denizen P. Dorsam (Creative Commons License)
Poland high speed rail photo courtesy Jakub Halun (Creative Commons License)
Uzbekistan high speed rail photo courtesy Guidecity (Creative Commons License)
Acela express photo courtesy Michael Kurras (Creative Commons License)
Railway post office photo courtesy Bruce Fingerhood (Creative Commons License)
Mail sorting photo courtesy Jason V (Creative Commons License)
USPS truck photo courtesy Jason Lawrence (Creative Commons License)
Amtrak southwest chief video courtesy Walt Loevy (Creative Commons License)
Amtrak sunset limited video courtesy D&Y family travel (Creative Commons License)
US Rail Map used under fair use guidelines
Amtrak idling video courtesy PnPrailroad (Creative Commons License)
TGV video courtesy Bastiaan Blinksma (Creative Commons License)
High speed track photo courtesy S. Terfloth/Sese Ingolstadt (Creative Commons License)
ICE train video courtesy Dutch Train Channel (Creative Commons License)
TGV Sud video courtesy Sylvain Chemist (Creative Commons License)
Amtrak top speed video courtesy Rich Roberts (Creative Commons License)



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