Purple Self Balancing Hoverboard by Oxa Review, Fast and Fun


by Kivi



The OXA Hoverboard is easy to use and provides a lot of fun on a single charge. I have never used a hoverboard before and was up and going in about 5 minutes. I spent 10-15 minutes doing laps in my house before venturing outside. Like other small wheeled scooters, this won’t go over very uneven ground. Be smart about bumps and changes in terrain, for example going from a driveway to the street. I’ve been impressed with the battery so far. It takes a couple of hours to charge, but lasts for a long while. I haven’t let it fall below half a battery, so haven’t pushed it fully.

This this can go pretty fast. I was very surprised and how much speed it had. I just wish my neighborhood had fewer uneven sidewalks. Kids complain about that all the time with skateboards and the like. This hoverboard isn’t any different. It has plenty of torque and power. I find if I slow down and rotate one wheel at a time, either forward or backward it it doable. The wheels have some give to them, but don’t appear to be pneumatic, more like a softish rubber.

I like the battery indicator. It is easy to see while you’re riding. There is a warning indicator that beeps if the sensors detect unexpected motion. Turn off the hoverboard before picking it up, or you’ll be greeted with an obnoxious beep. FYI it is pretty heavy. It is heavier than those small electric scooters you see kids on. That said, it can easily carry a responsible child or a typical adult. Oh and it is stealthy quiet when in use, aside from the warning beep if you pick it up before turning it off.

The only real negative is the that the body is plastic and will scuff easily. There isn’t a lot of clearance so any bumps over an inch or so are likely to scuff the bottom if you tackle them one wheel at a time. Also the wheel covers will scuff the first time you bail and the board rolls, especially on asphalt. All it took was one attempt to go over a bump and now my board is marred forever. Its not bad, just the downside to an all plastic body.

All in all, I am impressed by the quality and ease of use. I’ve seen others like this around and don’t really see a difference between those and this one. All of the others I’ve seen in person were plastic bodies too, so they’d have the same scuffing problem. The purple color is nice. Having a couple of color options would be ideal though. Purple isn’t the first color I’d pick, but I like it more than the typical black you see around.

Order one for yourself : https://amzn.to/2C9B5DM.
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