Us Offroad military truck : army transport driver games-2021 ( part 01)


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Drive US Off road Military Army Truck in Mountain base camp areas

Do you love army game 2018? It’s a time to drive best off road army oil tanker truck. Uphill USA Army truck driving duty transport fuel to army base camps. During World War (WW2) fuel and oil is very important and necessary for heavy duty vehicles army cargo, tanker airplane, war machines, tank, truck and many other armed equipment. Army cargo fuel truck driving duty start from army oil refinery there crude oil ready for transport. In this Army training game your task to transport oil cargo trailer truck one check post to another check post to their desire location amazing snow off-road adventure make your journey most fabulous.

Extreme oil tanker driving skills to choose multiple variety of trucks start playing army truck driver game improve your military transport skills and deliver the petrol to gas stations with in time. Futuristic army oil tanker supply fuel to real army basecamps drive on mountain hill road, dangerous steep paths. Do you have the guts to transport USA Army Oil Tanker to the battlefield?? You have to lead professional off-road Army truck driver. Control big army tanker on curvy roads take control on race and avoid to high speed. Driving 18 wheelers truck trailer and oil cargo transport on natural off-road uphill and downhill tracks is covered with snow. Be honest Expert driver fulfill your duty, USA army 3d fuel tanker are filled with highly flammable gasoline and liquid.

First of all fasten your seat belt and hard grip on steering Action pack Russian Army, American Army, and Indian Army trucks ready for attached with oil tankers to transport on the Massive Roads from one city to another, US Army Oil Tanker Transporter Truck Driver simulator give to you Realistic truck driving experience you can feel real trucker. Operate big army truck to deliver army tankers then complete multiple mission and make money as reward to purchase heavy beam engine robotic trucks. Army officer give to you as an offshore job tanker drive on sloppy roads before start truck be sure oil tanker no leakage or no damage from any side otherwise plenty will be charged according to waste of fuel.

Euro truck army oil tanker simulator free game 2018 not an easy game as it look. You can expert parking truck drivers to park tankers on right locations. Drive loadable truck on hilly environment countryside, cities, and off-road mountain Greenland farm. Winter fuel truck driving is real challenge to cross bridge between the battleground and armed supplies. Become real army hero to transport explosive material in extreme conditions rainfalls, rugged road construction the rush of army vehicles in traffic and many other reason. Change the camera view in career mode to explore real interior views. Army oil tanker truck best for you like a driving school game 2018 for you explore the new trucking world and become a king of new off-road.

US Offroad Military Truck: Army Transport Driver 2018 Features

★ Realistic off-road environment
★ Heavy duty grand oil tanker trucks
★ Realistic truck physics
★ Amazing 3d graphics
★ Original vocals over army wireless device
★ Multiple control Modes i.e. Buttons, Tilt and Steering
★ Easy and free offline gameplay mode
★ Drive army truck to race, parker and transporter missions
★ Explore the stunning open world hilly mountain environment
★ Natural snow weather conditions
★ Impossible tracks and bumpy roads

Get US Offroad Military Truck: Army Transport Driver 2018 now free available on store real feel like a pro truck drive. So don’t waste your time accepts challenging missions and drive on highway, bridge, cities, refinery and mountain area. Ultimate fun with multiple level download now and enjoy most popular simulation game on
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