Elevated transit bus sim: futuristic bus driving games -2021( part 01)


by Kivi



Welcome to futuristic flying bus this gyroscopic elevated bus parking is free.

welcome to New City Elevated Bus Simulator and get ready for the driving of new transit elevated china bus to pic n drop people

This futuristic bus simulation game for the next generation is known as City Elevated Bus Simulator game. This City Elevated Bus Simulator based on latest ideas for the public transports in the rush of city traffic. Ready for driving of new transit Elevated China Bus, enter into the cockpit of elevated bus, hold the control, and drive the bus above the traffic and become a best futuristic elevated bus driver. In this Futuristic City Bus Games do not worry about the high rush of traffic; don’t worryabout the traffic accidents; we have some striking news for you. We introduce a great idea of elevator bus which move above the traffic in city. This american city bus parking or china straddlingbus is controlled through the electric wires. It’s also called a guided elevated bus.Play this Elevated Bus Transport and enjoy the ride of first ever elevate bus 3d also called land air buys.

While Playing this futuristic bus simulator hold your driving seat in the control room of the new bus, push the accelerator and move the bus and stop the station at right time. In this china bus or transit bus your duty is to pick up the passengers from the station and dropthem to their final destination. As a expert transit bus driver follow the instructions and enjoy the ultimate ride of Transit Elevated Bus Sim .

This Transit Elevated Bus Sim is based on new idea transport game which makes you an expert driver around huge highway traffic. This city elevated bus which also known as, transit bus, straddle bus, land airbus is run along a fixed route. This flying bus rides along the two edges of the two lanes of road above the traffic. Floor height of this New City Elevated Bus Simulator is similar to stations of an elevated railway. Now theaccident chances are reduce by this bus. Elevated bus will have alarm to warn cars close it, and warn to other traffic through singles when it is about to turn. Traffic jam is also reducing for the passengers through this public bus.
This new Futuristic Elevated China Bus is 4 to 5 m high above the vehicles. This Futuristic Elevated China Bus game has 3d environments and stunning graphics. In this Elevated Bus City Transport we implemented a real physics. Control of this Elevated Bus City Transport is very realistic and smooth. This Futuristic Elevated China Bus is carry up the 300 passengers at one time.In this Transit Elevated Bus Sim You can see the different city scene with the amazing camera views.
By playing this free City Elevated Bus Simulator game you can improve your bus driving skills and also enjoy the ride of this Futuristic Elevated bus.


Exciting gameplay in special bus driving missions
Massive open world 3D environment
Realistic city locations and sky high public terminals
Highly detailed autobus interior with controls
Immersive 3D graphics for best gameplay experience
Amazing animations to pick and drop citizens
download link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.futuristic.transit.elevated.bus.simulator



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