Friday The 13TH Game – Invisible Hoverboard & Dead Jason


by Kivi



Welcome to another Friday The 13TH Game video
There’s never a dull moment playing with my crew ?

The weird stuff that happens in this game lol. There’s always something I’ve never seen happen before.

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We do this for fun mane.

Big shout out to the whole crew. There has been so many of us since this game came out. There was Jaybone, Prox, Optimus, Dev, Jackjack, Cailean, Tiny Boxman, Joker, Marz, Cooldeadpool, Yung and his crew, Shonuff, Amanda, Mystic Dani, and more that I’m not remembering right now. The current members that still play are Black Freeman, Wezzy, Smith, Heckler, Mr. and Ms. Ford, Ghost, Bunz, and Funboy. I will put links at the bottom of this description so you can find their channels.

Big shout out to the randoms that I killed Jason with. I helped a lot of people get their 1st kill. No hard feelings to the Jason players unless of course you were the cheaters we busted lol.

Big shout out to the viewers. Much love from Nolove

Channel links for members of the crew that still live stream:
Black Freeman –
Josh Smith aka Funboy –
Mystic Dani –
Son Ryz Gaming aka Smith –
TooCold Gaming aka Heckler –
Ghost –
Papergirl –
Orange you glad I’m live –
Hood1eMan –

Other members of the crew and great streamers

O.F. Gaming –
Zaak Gaming aka Optimus –
WhY sO sErIoUs Gaming aka Joker –
themadmanmarz –
fSoC Naomi Hunter –
Dead in sight –
Lordblueeyes/FrankieG –
Mary Starling –

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