OXA Self Balancing Scooter/ Hoverboard with LED Light and IP54 Water Resistant


by Kivi




This is a nice hoverboard (self-balancing scooter) and it is UL2271 certified (battery); UL2272 certified (whole unit). It’s important to check certification for own safety as older/cheaper hoverboards usually aren’t certified. It supports max weight up to 330lb, which is enough for most adults and have a max rage of around 10.5 miles per charge. Top speed is up to 7.5mph and it takes about 3 hours to fully charge the unit. The unit is IP54 water-resistant rated so it’s pretty easy to clean. There are LED lights on one side of the hoverboard which work well as safety night at night. The on-board light sensor will turn the light ON/OFF base on surrounding light condition.
Size and Weight
This hoverboard weights roughly 22 pound and I can lift it with one hand (it’s still better to move it with both hands). The wheel size is 6.5″. It’s smaller, lighter comparing to typical 10″ hoverboards and better for doing quick tricks. This hoverboard fits into most car trunks without a problem.
Riding Modes
This hoverboard offers non-self-balancing & self-balancing mode. Non-self-balancing mode gives a more natural feeling and feedback so it’s good for beginners. Self-balancing mode is also available for faster speed up and more advance controls. It can be easily switched by press the power button twice right after turning the unit on.
Overall I really like how easy and smooth it is to ride on the hoverboard. I have been riding it both indoors and outdoors. It’s able to climb slopes (less than 15 degree) without a problem. I have also tried riding it on regular road, concrete floorings, and unpaved road. The speed does become slower as it needs to work harder to get over bumpy road conditions but as long as there are no large rocks or obstruction, this hoverboard works pretty well. The onboard indicator makes it easy to see how much battery is left.


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