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The same dream draws so many people to the mountains: working at a resort; and hitting the slopes as often as possible. Of course, more people dream about it than actually live it, nervous about the realities of mountain life. Deer Valley has worked to create an atmosphere that offers an excellent balance between career and lifestyle. The resort offers a variety of operations including lodging, restaurants,childcare centers, non-skiing activities, and a variety of administrative and guest service jobs so you can pair nearly any skill set with more time spent skiing.

Deer Valley has gained a strong reputation for retaining employees, with 51% of staff members staying with the company for five or more years. Although the resort regularly wins awards, the secret to keeping employees happy seems to be a fun work environment and a frequent dose of Utah powder. Each year, many guests return to Deer Valley because of the fantastic service provided by the staff.

If you are looking to work and play in the mountains this winter, here are 9 job opportunities at Deer Valley that could make your ski-bum dreams come true. 

Ski Instructor 

If you love teaching, skiing, and being outside, then this job is for you. As a ski instructor at Deer Valley, you will spend the entire day skiing our mountain playground sharing your love of the sport with others who are eager to learn. Because Deer Valley has an excellent instructor training program there are many opportunities for those aspiring to start their career in ski instruction.

Children Center Staff

Let the ski instructors cruise with kids on the slopes, while you entertain them during their non-ski time indoors. The daily agenda includes a lot of singing, dancing, art projects and play for non-skiing kids from two months to 12 years old. Staff can stick to the age group they feel most comfortable caring for, whether it is babies, older kids, or anyone in between.

Lodging Guest Service Staff 

If you work in lodging, your full-time job is to find ways to make guests’ trips memorable. As a result, you can be highly creative. Perhaps you will run to the store to replace a child’s lost toy, or you might help a couple make a romantic dinner reservation. No day is the same in lodging and  with over 400 lodging units managed by Deer Valley, there is a place for everyone. 

Chairlift Operator 

The life of a lift operator offers many perks: frequent breaks, fresh air, and tons of interaction with both guests and colleagues. Although safety and protocol are top priorities, the lift operations team also has its share of amusement, such as participating in (a bit silly but incredibly fun) annual sporting events. 


Do you like cleaning and keeping things orderly? Housekeeping could be the perfect job for you. Housekeepers start at $18 an hour making this one of the best paying entry-level jobs offered at the resort. The resort manages over 400 lodging units, so it takes a well-oiled machine and a talented team to keep each property in tip-top shape.

Culinary Jobs 

Deer Valley has a strong reputation for being the leader in food & beverage operations across the ski industry. And those creative offerings come from the talented culinary staff that makes up the resort’s large food and beverage team. Working as a chef, baker, or cook in a variety of settings within the resort is a fantastic way to  sharpen your skills. Whether you are in a five-star kitchen, cooking over a fire, or baking wedding cakes and jumbo cookies on the mountain, you will gain valuable skills and experience – while enjoying sunny days on the slopes.

Rental Shop Technician

In the case that you’re an outdoor gear guru, you can apply your knowledge as a rental shop technician and help guests choose the right gear for their mountain experience. In addition, you will have plenty of opportunities to conduct “product research” (ski breaks) and test out the newest equipment from Rossignol. Rental technicians are often some of the first staff members to interact with guests so starting them off on the “right foot” is one of the keys to a great guest experience. 

Lodging Maintenance Tech

Are you good at fixing things? With a large lodging inventory, it takes a skilled team to keep everything in working order. You will get to work with homeowners, destination guests and staff members to offer top-notch lodging properties. And when everything is in working order, it is time to ski. This is one of the jobs that gets a balance of inside and outside time or the “best of both worlds.” 


If powder turns are even more precious than a conventional schedule—and you get a kick out of operating large machinery—this job could be perfect for you. Many snowmakers come back year after year to make snow at night and ski powder during the day. 

Find job openings and learn more about career opportunities with Deer Valley at deervalley.com/jobs.

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