Best Women’s Cycling Trousers [Top 7 for Female Bike Commuters]


by Kivi



In terms of your bottom half, there used to be pretty much two clothing options when riding a bike. One was Lycra, the other was being uncomfortable. And commuting by bike would inevitably mean taking a change of trousers.

For those without decent changing facilities at work, this can be difficult. It can also be off-putting for people thinking about commuting.

Mercifully, things have changed since then. There’s now such a range of cycling-specific trousers (or trousers suitable for cycling), that we’re literally spoilt for choice.

Why is this? Put simply, because there’s a demand for them. It’s a great feeling to arrive at work in a pair of trousers that are comfy and look good. It’s an even better feeling to know you can wear them for the whole day. Not having to change is just one less thing to worry about.

And there are cycling trousers now to accommodate any dress code, whether formal or casual.

Can You Cycle in Trousers?

Yes you can. There are plenty of trousers that are suitable to cycle in, but the best will be those designed specifically for cyclists. Whatever your choice of style, the cycling-specific version will have extra features for functionality.

Technically, you could probably cycle in most trousers (although PVC or yoga bottoms might be a bit tricky), but the cycling-specific ones are going to ensure a much more comfortable ride.

The trousers you commute in may be different to the trousers you wear on your weekend rides, depending on the type of cycling you do. Ideally, they should be trousers you can wear in your workplace and wherever you choose to go afterwards.

But as your commute is part of your day, it’s vital that whatever you’re wearing keeps you as comfortable as possible on your bike.

What Trousers Are Good for Cycling?

Regardless of style and brand, trousers that are good to cycle in will have certain common features. Decent cycling trousers will be slim-fitting (but not necessarily skin-tight), tough, but lightweight and breathable. Chinos are one of the best options because they have all of these qualities.

Close-fitting trousers that are not cycling-specific may not have the right amount of stretch to keep you comfortable. They’ll also wear out more quickly as they rub against the seat while you pedal.

Baggier trousers may be comfortable generally, but they’re not ideal for cycling. Flappy trousers getting caught in the chain will not only rip them and/or cover them in oil, but can be dangerous too.

To avoid this, you can of course roll up the right leg, or wear a clip – but if you’re anything like me, you’ll already be feeling pretty squeamish by now at such a prospect.

Tucking trousers into socks is also an option, and I mention this reluctantly as this really is shaky territory in terms of style. Think ‘Compo’ from Last of the Summer Wine. Enough said.

So, assuming you want to avoid a fashion abyss – chinos, with their close, straight fit, are not only suitable for cycling but they look great too. Oozing urban style and flexible enough for a range of occasions, they can be smart or casual. Cycling chinos will give you even greater comfort and protection.

And although ordinary jeans are pretty awful to cycle in for any length of time, there is now a range of functional and stylish cycling jeans that are tailor-made to keep you comfortable on your commute and throughout the day.

Women’s Cycling Trousers for Commuting [KEY FEATURES]

Although some regular trousers are fine to cycle in, choosing a pair that have been designed and made for cyclists will make your ride more comfortable, and they’ll wear better too.

Whatever your taste, let’s take a look now at the key features to think about when choosing a good pair of cycling trousers. Not every pair of trousers will have all of these features, but even those with some of them will help you get the most out of your commute:

  • Close fitting – to avoid getting covered in oil or caught in the bike chain
  • Stretchy fit – material that gives and stretches is naturally more comfortable for activity
  • Gusseted crotch – is a reinforced crotch area that will prevent the trousers wearing as they rub against the seat
  • Breathability – this is vital to prevent overheating and over-sweating, often achieved through a blend of cotton and synthetic materials
  • Moisture wicking – essential, to stop you becoming (and staying) damp and smelly, and also to prevent chaffing
  • Water resistant – to protect you in light rain
  • Durable – some cycling trousers will have tougher fabric and extra reinforced areas to prevent wear
  • Reflective details – for greater visibility and safety
  • Deep pockets – to keep your important items safe
  • Style – last, but not least. It’s important to look good, right?

And now, our recommendations. We’ve narrowed down seven varied and fantastic options for you.

Best Urban Cycling Trousers for Women [Top 7]

  1. DUER Performance Denim Slim Jeans [REVIEW]
  2. Ministry of Supply Momentum Chino [REVIEW]
  3. Sigr Riksväg 99 Women’s Cycling Chino [REVIEW]
  4. Osloh Women’s Porteur Bicycle Jean [REVIEW]
  5. DUER No Sweat Pants [REVIEW]
  6. Bluffworks Palma Chino [REVIEW]
  7. Levi’s 311 Jeans [REVIEW]

Best Waterproof Cycling Trousers for Women

1. DUER All-Weather Denim


Waterproof cycling jeans with plenty of stretch

  • Stylish stretchy jeans for bike riding
  • Classic 5-pocket design
  • Gussetted crotch and reinforced seams

We love these jeans so much that they’re our #1 recommended cycling jeans for women. A little while ago our co-founder, Pete, reviewed the men’s version and was blown away. The women’s version are equally brilliant. Not only are they fully waterproof and windproof, but they look gorgeous too.

A lot of cycling trousers are water resistant, but the Duer All-Weather have a waterproof membrane to keep you fully protected without compromising on style and comfort.

And these jeans are so comfortable that you’ll forget you’re actually wearing jeans. They have more than enough stretch for cycling (or any activity), and also feature the Duer signature hidden gusset for greater flexibility and range of motion.

The look of these jeans is flattering and chic. Available in two styles, the Straight fit are slim-fitting (without being absolutely skin tight), and the High-rise offer a more relaxed fit.

They also have reflective details under the cuff and at the waistband, and four pockets that are deep enough to keep your keys, money (and anything else) totally safe while you’re on the move.

All in all, these are outstanding jeans that combine beauty along with a host of tech features to keep you warm, dry and super-stylish in the winter.


  • Two front hand pockets
  • Two buttoned rear pockets


  • 70% Cotton
  • 28% Coolmax® All Season Polyester
  • 2% LYCRA® Spandex
  • Membrane: 100% Polyester


✅ Stretch

✅ Reflective Detailing

✅ Breathable

✅ Cycling fit

Shipping Notes:

  • Based in Canada
  • International delivery available


  • UK: £149*
  • EU: €171*
  • US: $199

*correct at time of writing