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In 2021, SkyWay – Usky, (UST) Unitsky’s String Technologies moved to a new stage, a test track was opened for visitors in the Sharjah Research and Innovation Park (UAE). The first who took advantage of this opportunity were journalists from different countries, businessmen and heads of large companies, as well as government officials of various levels.
Information and impressions are scattered across dozens of countries around the world and news channels.

Time codes:
00:00 Intro
00:17 Sharjah 24 (UAE)
01:44 Khaleej Times (UAE)
04:02 The National (UAE)
05:25 Sky News (Australia)
07:15 Gulf News (UAE)
09:52 (UAE)
11:39 47abc (USA)
12:30 TV 2 (France)
15:38 Euronews
15:52 Ruptly (Russia)
17:44 Alghad TV
19:56 16 Wapt News (USA)
20:39 24 News (India)
27:28 Ronak Kotecha (UAE)
30:17 Antena 1 (Romania)
31:57 NTV (Germany)
32:33 Radio 1 (UAE)
33:32 CNN Business (USA)
34:49 Outro

if you haven’t seen my previous film about the SkyWay on TV from 1989 – 2020
you are welcome to watch it here :

SkyWay is a fundamentally new transport system:
eco-friendly, safe, comfortable, and cost-efficient both in production and operation if compared with other existing solutions

SkyWay vehicles moving above the ground on a unique-design elevated overpass based on string technology ensure a number of advantages: optimized aerodynamics, increased speed, unprecedented safety, rational use of land and resources, minimized environmental harm caused by transport.

SkyWay project was launched with the help of crowdfunding in 2014 and is now at the final stage of preparation, before entering the international market!
Its author A.E. Unitsky, an outstanding engineer and inventor, the author of many patents, inventions, and scientific papers, creator of an environmentally friendly, economical, energy-saving, incredibly efficient string transport system that can save millions of human lives as well as our home, planet Earth !!!

More about the inventor of SkyWay or UST (Unitsky String Technology)

More info about the project:

Learn about the positive impact of SKYWAY on the ecology of our planet:

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