This State Of The Art Flying Motorbike Is Ready For The Air In 2023


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This State Of The Art Flying Motorbike Is Ready For The Air In 2023

Land vehicles that can fly are not only cars but also motorcycles. In-flight motorcycles will become a reality after Jetpack Aviation announced in August last year that it had successfully flight-tested a prototype. The prototype is called a speeder and is a flying vehicle that is ridden like a motorbike, or more specifically like a drag racing motorbike, because both legs extend backwards.

Based on the official website of this Californian company, there seem to be two types of speeders. That is, both recreational and military versions are currently available to order. The recreational speeder is said to be the world’s first turbine-driven vertical take off and landing (VITL) passenger car. The vehicle is said to be very stable, so no pilot experience is required.

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