Ironsight Gameplay – Top But You Wouldn't Think It


by Kivi



IronSight® is a futuristic military First Person Shooter(FPS) game, based on the battle over natural recourses between armed forces and private military corporation, equipped with
cutting-edge weapons and drone systems.

The realistic gameplay will throw the player into
the middle of intensive situations as the player progresses through various different locations.

Iron Sight® will provide dynamic environment interaction like device interaction to activate
the specific landmark or ride object as transportation to move to another location or destroying it to cut off the route etc. These dynamic factors can be a game changer, therefore, we consider all possible tactics & strategies before its developing, then we apply
them to the environment.

Player’s choice and customization are defining elements of the player experience. Our design explorations focused on defining the color pattern, part customization and possible play styles. Factions and enemies also have to be easy to distinguish each other in silhouette and behavior.

We created our designs with an eye to the current reality-from the expansive military industrial complex to the personalized weapons of 2025. Make a game world where our personal weapon might start to feel more like a legendary sword or spear.

Drones are not just an additional excitement of IRONSIGHT but it supports each team and individuals in various ways throughout the battle depending on much different combat situations. Attacking drones provide direct yet powerful firepower and tactical drones provide strategic information for effective strategic team play.

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