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Video Top 12 Personal Flying Vehicles in The World | Unique Flying Machines

Humans have envied the flight of birds for thousands of years and we’ve been trying to replicate it for just as long. But it turns out that making a personal flying machine is a very difficult engineering challenge, which has kept this dream frustratingly out of reach for all but a few daredevils.

Now, advances in materials, manufacturing and computing are coming together in truly creative ways to produce remarkable flying machines that stretch the limit of what’s possible for individual flight. Here are some of our favorites.

Today, we have several of these flying machines of the future. In this video, we bring you a few in action so you can marvel at how efficiently and productively they work. Have these futuristic inventions piqued your curiosity? Do you want to see how they work in action transporting individuals through the skies? Then, do not miss this video.

In the process of making this video, we took help from a few youtube channels, here are their links Top 12 Personal Flying Vehicles in The World | Unique Flying Machines:
1. Jetman (Jetwing) –
2. Gravity Jet Suit –
3. Lazareth LMV 496 –
4. Jetpack JB-10 –
5. Alauda Airspeeder MK3 –
6. Opener BlackFly –
7. Zapata Flyboard Air –
8. Kitty Hawk Heaviside –
9. LIFT Aicraft HEXA –
10. Hoverbike Scorpion S3 –
11. CopterPack –
12. Omni Hoverboards –

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