Hoverboards Are Now In Sonic Speed Simulator!


by Kivi



What’s up guys umm there actually was a mistake in the video at the end of part 1 of the update it’s actually the red rock hoverboard and at the end of part 2 is the rider’s knuckles character and also here is the script: What’s up Guys! Today We are going to dig into this week’s update: Freestyle Riders! So let’s start digging and here is what I found, [INTRO] So remember the tornado mount from the aviator tails update? So this time its hoverboards and Idk how it will work and while I’m making this video I didn’t unlock the hoverboard and it looks like there are Amy’s Pink Rose, Tails’ Yellow Tail, Knuckles’ Red Rock, and Sonic’s Blue Star hoverboards and like said while I’m making this video I didn’t unlock the hoverboards just yet and there are 2 parts in this riders update and at the end of part 1 you’ll get the Riders Knuckles and at the end of Part 2 you’ll get the Red Rock hoverboard. In this update’s chaos there are Riders Chao and the exclusive Techno Chao. Here are other things that I found while digging: There are ramps in Green Hills, and here is what the “AIR” looks like, It’s actually called that and they’re working on something in the hilltop zone and it is unavailable, Anyways Thanks For Watching and I’m not forcing u to subscribe but if u want to subscribe I would gladly appreciate it. Bye-bye, Piece Out, Adios


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