BURIAL (A Cinematic Mixtape Experience)


by Kivi



In the spirit of Burial’s love for video games and movies, here is a short Burial mixtape set to a dystopian future from your imagination. The plot goes as follows:

London, 2170

I. You depart your four wall living pod to greet Truant. “Come With Me” he says. You walk with him through the corridors and into The Frontier, a glass transportation portal that overlooks the dark and rainy dystopian cityscape.

II. You enter into the night market, an overcrowded and sketchy section of town. You pass by rival dealers, ravers, and rough sleepers. A loner (as portrayed by Thom Yorke) takes you on a nite train journey through the dense arteries of the city.

III. You find yourself in a strange neighbourhood, the fog is so dense you can only make out some distant lights. At the source of the street halo is a moth, “This is the best way to go, up here at night…” she says. You follow as she flutters to the upstairs flat. You gaze up at the starry night sky.

IV. An ominous orb comes down to us. Alien pirates known as spaceapes emerge from the flying object. The dogs from the shelter are gutted. You flee in terror, through the fog, into a war zone. You arm yourself with a futuristic weapon and charge the battlefield! The ground beneath you crumbles from the bombing and you dive into an underground sewer system.

V. In the labyrinthian underground remains the haunting ghost of Antidawn. “You’re a part of me” she sings. Her siren song draws you closer to her shadow paradise. “Come to me tonight. Let love fly.” Can you resist her enchantment?


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