My Personal Jetpack – Bad Romance rock cover


by Kivi



Cover of bad romance by lady gaga.

Done as part of an ongoing project known as My Personal Jetpack where we have been doing rock covers that are as close to the original as possible.

follow this channel for more covers coming soon. such as F#@k you by Cee Lo Green, Cooler than me By Mike Posner, and more. Will even consider any and all requests.

Vocals, synth, and guitar by Michael Moorhead.
Lead guitar and other rhythm guitar by Robert Johnson
Drums By Mat Moorhead
Piano by Michael Norton.
Recorded/Engineered/Mixed/Mastered by Michael Moorhead and Robert Johnson of

original video is hers.

Director: Francis Lawrence
Producer: Heather Heller
Production Company: DNA
Director of Photography (Cinematographer): Thomas Kloss
Editor: Jarrett Fijal for Bonch
Stylist: Nicola Formichetti
Hair: Cyd Curry
Make-Up: Billy Brasfield (Lady Gaga, dancers, and extras)
Manucrist: Kimmie Kyees
Choreographer: Laurie-Ann Gibson
Production Designer: Charles Infante
Sets: Vision Scenery
Scenic Artists: Antje, Jon, Michael
Visual Fx: Tim Jarvis, Skulley Effects
Telecine (Colorist): Dave Hussey for Company 3
Commissioners: Nicole Ehrlich, Kathy Angstadt
Lady Gaga: Herself
Dancers: Amanda Balen, Graham Breitenstein, Molly D’Amour-Goslin, Montana Efaw, Raistalla & Pamela Jean-Smith, Sloan Taylor-Rabinor
Bath Girls: Unknown (x2)
Russian Mob Boss : Yuri Bradač
Russian Bobsters: Josh Thomas, Shawn M., Tye MoHawk, Unknown (x9)

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