10 Flying Cars and Uber Drones that change the future of Air Transportation


by Kivi



If you live in a city or close to one, you might have noticed that the roads are getting more and more crowded with each year, and if the amount of cars is constantly growing, you don’t see many new roads built, do you? So how will the people of the future get around, when the ground transportation will reach its maximum capacity? Well, engineers around the world are looking up in the skies! In this episode we will be showing you the latest inventions in the world of persona aerial transportation, virtual take-off and landing aircraft that could serve as perfect city taxis, flying cars and passenger drones, that are no longer a concept from science fiction movies.
Wanna fly any of these? Follow the links below and ask the manufacturers yourself:
Lilium Jet: goo.gl/i34YMK
AeroMobil 4.0: goo.gl/1WK7yg
eVolo Volocopter 2X: goo.gl/f1teJM
EHang 184: goo.gl/NyB3qb
PAL-V LIBERTY: goo.gl/YMdGxj
Pop.Up: goo.gl/hXcvJf
Joby S2: goo.gl/EdFQ6C
Aurora VTOL: goo.gl/nUgBbd
Terrafugia Transition: goo.gl/oEVg1A
Skyrunner: goo.gl/zrNSVm

Trippy Love by Vexento

Tonic And Energy by SIRPRICE
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