China’s UNBELIEVABLE Mega Engineering Projects That SHOCKED The WORLD


by Kivi



China’s Mega Engineering Projects

China has always been world-class when it comes to taking on challenges in the realm of building marvelous and stunning projects. It has set the world records on multiple such buildings and mega structures that it took on to prosper as a better country while growing as an economy as well.

In recent years, this is simply not the case, as China is seeing a rapidly decelerated economy. To counter this issue at hand, China has decided to go back to the method that has proven very successful for their economy in the past, spending avidly on megastructures and large infrastructure projects.

All of the currently proposed projects are ginormous in terms of the sheer money allocated to each one of the projects, or the expanse of the area they promise to cover. Each of these projects is at a multi-billion level, which does not come as much of a surprise as China is well-known for its expenditure on such projects every once in a while. With that said, let us look at some of China’s best and biggest projects ever. They go from mega buildings to mega cities and mega bridges as well, and it is just the beginning of China’s architectural boom.

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