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After the blockbuster success of gyroscope and upbeat bus simulator, the wacky studio brings another futuristic public transport simulator, multi-story flying flight, a hybrid of modern aircraft and transport train. Play Flying Train Simulator 2018 Futuristic Train Games and get into the cab of the flying train to provide public transportation in the future city. This next generation train train is built as a passenger plane and is attached to a pantograph in a steel trestle, powered by electric motors in transport train games. The flying train driver controls the plane from the cockpit similar to a passenger plane in a futuristic simulator.
Witness the new generation of public transport for the future city on the tracks of the sky and faster than bullet trains. Transport passengers from one flying train station to another subway station in the sky high lifted train. This season, get ready for high high road adventure flying. Put your seatbelts on and set for sky train ride with the fastest 1000 feet train ride over the big city. Flying into a high-tech transit train and directing it along future city routes carrying citizens and tourists. Drive your futuristic train and fly like a passenger plane to transport people, stop at train stations from the sky and open futuristic ride doors for pickup people. Pull the lever at high speed, don’t let the electric motor swerve the sky train line and control the elevation to avoid collision in subway train games. This is the future of public transportation for the cities of tomorrow like New York, London, Paris, Rome and fly a modern train over the big skyscrapers of the city. Pick up passengers on board to the flying railway station.
The flying train apparatus can carry 1000 passengers and fly at a maximum speed of 500km/h powered by electric motors in games from the sky. Tired of playing classic trains. Flying Train Simulator – Futuristic Sky Train Games is the best cargo train simulator 2018 to let you become the best train pilot.

Flying train simulator 2018 futuristic game character:
– Provide services for the selection of citizens and tourists around the future city
– control of multi-storey flight train and full level of transport trains
– Real driver job of transporting passengers and tourists in multiple sky train stations
– Futuristic flying train physics implemented for precise driving
– Massive open world future city environment with sky paths

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