Hoverboard Powered Go-Kart (Ride-on car) for Kids


by Kivi



Build your own fast-speed ride-on car for your kids at home

All the 6V kids ride-on cars are going very slow and so boring, why don’t you build your own fast-speed ride-on car by yourself? Your kids will love it!

This video shows all the steps for building your own DIY go-kart or fast-speed ride-on car for your kids at home utilizing electric self-balancing hoverboards and a trash can 🙂

There are other examples of controlling the hoverboard by hacking the mainboard firmware of the hoverboards. Originally, I was planning to do that but after realizing I can’t hack this particular hoverboard, I decided to go with the full DIY mechanical solution 🙂 So yeah, I’m controlling the tilt of the hoverboard mechanically by the pedals and wires.

In this video, I show to build go-kart or you call, ride-on kids car from scratch by using the materials you find at home-depot + old used hoverboard. You’ll see how to make the steering mechanism (thought and spent so much time on it), hoverboard tilt control mechanism, and front hood from the trash can.

I also added RC remote controller to turn on/off the hoverboard remotely to prevent accidental crashes when my son is unable to break/slow down the car. But it doesn’t show up in the video.

Looking forward to all your comments

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