Fort Hagan Hangar – Fallout 4 Frost Plus – Permadeath – Nuka-World #2


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FROST is the successor to the much beloved and much hated DUST Survival Simulator for Fallout: New Vegas. FROST’s goal is to transform the world of Fallout 4 into a freeform survival game with an emphasis on lore and visual storytelling. Set in the years following the Great War of 2077, you will see new, replaced lore, challenging new enemies, and many overhauled gameplay systems. Many areas in the game world have been visually overhauled as well.

FROST Gameplay Changes:
-Lethal Combat: Enemies will kill you in just a few hits and you will do the same to them. Your best bet is to take cover and not get shot.
-Deleveled Loot and Enemies: A common misconception about the difficulty of FROST; the entire world is deleveled. At level one you have a chance of running into Level 50 Deathclaws and veteran enemies. It’s rare, but possible. At the same time, you also have a chance to find guiding missile launchers and heavy combat armor. Don’t get discouraged if you run into an enemy that is extremely difficult to kill. It may be out of your league to kill at the current moment, but that doesn’t mean that everything is. As you level up, the world will not level with you. You’ll be more able to handle situations you were once forced to run from.
-Scarcity: Ammo, meds, and other useful things are very rare. To find them in large quantities you’ll have to go to where it’d make sense for them to be (i.e. medicine is more often found in hospitals).
-Radiation: Radiation is now far more deadly. Not only are all sources of radiation amped up, the new Atmospheric Radiation system gives all players constant rads if they dare to explore the outdoors without a protective gas mask.
-AI Tweaks: Enemies use ammo, and vary in accuracy. Lower level enemies will spew rounds to the wind while expert marksmen will take you down from across the battlefield with one well-placed headshot. Beware.
-Settlement Overhaul: Hi-tech workshop items require schematics to build, which can be scavenged and collected in the world. Settlements have also been nerfed to be much more difficult to protect and will function more as personal bases.
-Legendaries Removed: No more god weapons (except for a handful of uniques)! You’ll use what you can get your hands on and be happy with it.
-Carryweight: Carryweight has been dramatically lowered (assuming you’re playing on Survival mode and not one of those Easy-mode milk-drinkers). You will only carry the necessities.
-Perk Edits: No more simply picking meat off of bodies! Invest in the Hunter perk to harvest goods from your kills. Or take the edited Rifleman, Commando, and Gunslinger perks to increase your range and accuracy with their respective guns.

FROST Lore and World Changes
FROST takes place just after the Great War. As such, the lore, world, and enemies reflect this change. FROST includes…
-A newly implemented Subway System with over 22 large new cells (including 1 friendly city) that connects each of the vanilla Fallout 4 subway stations
-Hundreds of new notes and terminal entries detailing the extensive new lore of the world. Follow notes and discover hidden conspiracies!
-8 distinct new factions to interact and battle with! These completely replace all vanilla factions.
-Many revised and edited vanilla cells (WIP)

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