Electric Bikes Vs Gas Bikes (In The REAL World)


by Kivi



Here are the ‘non-obvious’ differences between gas and electric bikes.
This video is for riders who care about how each style of bike effects your everyday riding.

Bikes used:
Hiboy P7 https://hiboy.com/products/hiboy-p7-commuter-electric-bike?variant=42849949909241
Schwinn Taff https://www.walmart.com/ip/Schwinn-Taff-Mountain-Bike-29-inch-wheels-8-speeds-black-white/799113661

2 stroke motorized bike kit:
Wildcat pk80 https://www.californiamotorbikes.com/product-page/2018-wildcat-80cc-motorized-bike-kit-150mpg-35mph

Real World 2 stroke riding:
@Johnnie’s Motorized Bicycles

Motorized bikes in heavy rain:

We upload motorized bike videos every week (sometimes more)!
For motorized bike help, join the server https://discord.gg/y3PXvrYUvb


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