Trump Signed The Law That May Have Turned Him Into A Felon


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If Donald Trump gets indicted and convicted for taking classified documents from the White House, he only has himself to blame. In 2018, Trump signed a law that turned the mishandling of classified documents into a felony offense rather than a misdemeanor, in order to try to screw over his Democratic rivals. But now that law could be used to ruin his own life, as Farron Cousins explains.

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So it turns out that Donald Trump, with regard to all of these documents, he was hiding down at Maralago may have accidentally screwed himself over by passing a law in 2018, that actually stiffened the prison sentence for the possible law that he may have broken. Here’s what happened in 2018. Donald Trump signed a law that increased the penalties, basically made it a firm felony, instead of, you know, depending on how you plead, maybe you get a misdemeanor, made it a firm felony with up to five years in prison for the mishandling or improper storage or retention of classified information from the United States government. And he did this of course, because he wanted Hillary Clinton to be prosecuted for, you know, allegedly doing the thing that Donald Trump actually did. So he passes this law, signs it into law. Actually, he didn’t pass it, but he signs it into law, 2018 thinking, oh boy, I got her well, fast forward four years, that very same law might be used to not only possibly put Donald Trump in jail for up to five years, but also based on the presidential records, act penalties for violations, bar him from holding public office ever again, which I would think to be honest, if he gets five years in prison, that’s probably enough to bar him from holding office, at least in the minds of the public.

But folks, you gotta love this absolutely delicious irony that Donald Trump might be taken down by the very law he signed that was designed of course, to take down Hillary Clinton. It didn’t work out too well for him then. And it sure as hell is not working out very well for him right now. But that’s what happens, right? You know, what’s funny about all of this, of course, is Republicans out there claiming that they’re weaponizing the justice system to take down their political enemies. But now that again, the dust is settling on this whole story. We’re finding out more and more each day, it looks like Donald Trump was actually the one attempting to weaponize justice at the United States in order to take down his political enemy, who at the time of course was Hillary Clinton. Now that political enemy’s list has of course grown over the years. But so far the one who seems to be paying the actual price for it is Trump himself. He thought he had a got moment who thought, oh boy, we’re gonna take you down. Hillary. We’re gonna show how corrupt the Democrats are. But even after investigations and hearings and her sitting in front of the house committee for 11 hours in testifying and Comey with his October surprise before the 2016 election, nothing could take Hillary

Clinton down, cuz whether you love her or hate her turns out she didn’t actually do anything that was prosecutable Trump on the other hand, thanks partly again to his own actions may have done something very prosecutable, which is of course the mishandling and improper retention of potentially classified information. The judge would not have allowed this, uh, seizure at Margo to take place. If the lawyers that went in there, weren’t able to show probable cause. And that’s really what’s at the heart of all of this. You can be mad at the FBI if you want, you can, you know, rail against all the law enforcement agencies. But at the end of the day, we have a system of checks and balances in place. And most of the time it works pretty well. And that’s why these, you know, FBI agents couldn’t just run in there. Willy-nilly it? Wasn’t just merit Garland saying, ah, screw it, go down to Mar Lago. Here’s a plane ticket. This was cautious. This was thorough. They didn’t do it on a whim. They did it because clearly they think they might be able to get a criminal who used to be sitting in the white house.

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