5 Best EV Podcasts of 2022


by Martin Banks



After Driving, Listening About EVs Is the Next Best

Electric vehicles are no longer a fringe technology. Drivers passing through a large city are almost certain to encounter at least one, and EVs have started to dominate conversations, too.

U.S. drivers bought a record 761,000 EVs in 2020, making it the fifth consecutive year of growing EV sales. It should be no surprise that as these vehicles become more popular, more entertainment centers around them, too. EV enthusiasts today have plenty of relevant podcasts to choose from.

Here are five of the best electric vehicle podcasts to listen to this year.

1. InsideEVs – Electric Vehicle News

One of the best EV podcasts today is InsideEVS – Electric Vehicle News from the website InsideEVs. Host Domenick Yoney dives into the latest EV news each week, sometimes joined by special guests offering insider knowledge.

Think of the InsideEVs podcast as the EV equivalent to Ask the Trucker “Live” With Allen Smith, one of the best trucking podcasts out there. It’s a highly informative show, offering listeners all they need to know about the EV market and how it’s changing.

Here are five of the best electric vehicle podcasts to listen to this year.
You can listen as well as read about EVs

2. The Electrek Podcast

Another show to come from an EV website is the Electrek Podcast, which has been running since 2017. The site’s Editor-in-Chief, Fred Lambert, hosts the weekly podcast with Seth Weintraub, founder of Electrek.

Like InsideEVs, Electrek goes over the latest electric transportation news, but it sets itself apart by going over users’ questions and comments. Any common inquiries or insightful comments on the site get some air time on the show, making it one of the more engaging podcasts today.

3. The PLUS Podcast by the Fully Charged Show

While the name is a bit of a mouthful, the PLUS Podcast by the Fully Charged Show is another top EV podcast. This energetic EV news show features a broad range of hosts and content types to keep listeners interested. The PLUS Podcast mostly focuses on European EV updates, but it’s still an engaging listen and contains the occasional U.S. news story, too.

Tesla news - Cybertruck
You could listen to all the latest Tesla news

4. Ride the Lightning: Tesla Motors Unofficial Podcast

Fans of Tesla, makers of some of the best EVs available today, have an option just for them. The Ride the Lightning Podcast, dubbed the unofficial podcast of Tesla Motors, goes over all things Tesla each week.

Host Ryan McCafferey goes over recent Tesla news at the start before responding to listener questions or going over their answers to a survey. It’s a can’t-miss show for any Tesla fan.

5. Micromobility

Listeners who want something a little different should check out the Micromobility Podcast, an increasingly popular show about smaller electric vehicles. Think scooters and bikes instead of cars and trucks. This unique bi-weekly podcast looks at micromobility trends, offering helpful insight into the changing face of public transportation.

Find Your New Favorite EV Podcast Today

Fans of podcasts and EVs have several enticing options today. These five shows are far from the only EV podcasts, but represent some of the best across the spectrum of electric vehicle news and entertainment. Check them out today and find your new favorite podcast.

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