Amazing Futuristic Bikes That Will Make You Jealous


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Bikes are the best mode of transportation, aren’t they? They keep you fit and burn extra calories without even trying! So imagine how awesome it would be if you had a bike that not only does this, but also makes you more attractive, saves you money, and keeps you safe from accidents? Well, your wish has been granted! Check out these amazing futuristic bikes that will make you jealous! Welcome to smart tech, remember to subscribe and ring the bell you won’t regret it.


1) Ball Wheel bike

2) Invisible weird bike

3) 0.5×2 Bike (Preview)

4) Minson Skate Bike (Preview)

5) Blade made by Rude cycles

6) Beer Bar Bike

7) Hadar Custom Bikes

8) Stance Bike (Preview)

9) Chop-E (Preview)

10) Little Johanna

Narrated by: Geraldine C.

Edited by: Christian O.

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