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PMP® Certification Full Course 2022 I Project Management Full Course I PMP® Training Videos
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00:00 Introduction
01:19 How to do the daily scrum meeting explained
12:19 daily scrum meeting example with live demo simulation in JIRA Tool
22:19 How to do sprint planning meeting
40:19 sprint planning meeting example with live demo simulation in JIRA Tool
01:24:19 How to do sprint review meeting
01:49:19 sprint review example with live demo simulation in JIRA Tool
02:14:19 How to do sprint retrospective meeting examples ( part 1)
02:57:19 How to do sprint retrospective meeting examples ( part 2)
03:53:19 How to do backlog refinement meeting in JIRA
04:19:19 backlog refinement meeting with Fintech project in JIRA
05:26:52 how to do estimation in scrum Live Demo session with scenarios
06:39:42 PMP Introduction
06:41:08 Flow of complete PMP
07:16:27 project Stakeholder management
07:29:24 project Communication management
07:40:22 Project Work performance data management
07:49:46 project Team management
08:18:22 Agile
08:41:27 project Risk management
08:50:50 project Quality management
09:01:02 project Procurement management
09:18:36 project Scope management
09:33:38 project Schedule management
09:54:08 project Cost management
10:09:30 Journey of delivery
10:18:05 Journey of Integration
10:32:08 Change request
10:41:30 People
11:05:10 Process
11:44:41 Business Environment
12:04:56 Initiation
12:15:07 Planning
12:25:09 Execution
12:32:06 Monitoring and control
12:39:09 Closing
12:43:53 PMP in 2 hours complete flow
13:49:05 How to do Lesson Learned
15:04:55 PMP Application filling
15:21:04 PMP Experience filling

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