Parkour Athlete Breaks Dyno World Record


by nolandeck



In climbing, a dyno (abbreviation for dynamic, apparently) is a move in which momentum is required to cross a large distance between holds. Often times, they require a full jump from one spot to another, and they’re friggin’ difficult (seriously, they suck, and the route setters at my local climbing gym have apparently decided that nearly every route should have one… so damn you, route setters!)

Watching someone actually land a solid dyno looks pretty impressive, even when it’s a fairly easy one, so watching the guys in this video attempt to break the world record for the furthest dyno is… incredible.

Now, they’re shooting to break the recorded Guinness World Record, set in 2010 by Skyler Weekes with a 2.85 meter dyno. Because Guinness World Record is a decently questionable authority on records nowadays, there’s a chance this isn’t even 2.85 meters isn’t the true record, and, from what I can tell, they don’t have any Guinness World Record officials with them while recording this video, so this probably won’t be showing up on the website either. That being said, it’s still a darn impressive video to watch!

(If you just want to see the record breaking leap, start the video at 14:50)

Image Credit: Climbers Crag via YouTube

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