Rick Pitino is Back in the Game + Greg Cote’s Stunning Revelation | Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz


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The Big Suey: Greg Cote’s Tawdry Affair

Le Batard and the crew discuss Greg’s tawdry affair in college, flying cars, Rick Pitino being back in the game, and Greg has a Back In My Day.

Rick Pitino is Back in the Game + Greg Cote’s Stunning Revelation | Tuesday | 03/21/2023 | The Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz


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FAU offers Chris Cote a spot in the band at MSG
Rick Patino just got 6 years at St. John’s to coach basketball
Dan remembers the president of UCF nuking all of his plans to have UCF referred to as champs
Why would FAU even do this?
The Cotes are FAU royalty
The elder Cote relationship started when they were dating other people (story about old people)
This is wildly uninteresting
Greg Cote keeps talking – 1938 congressional something, Getting hit by trains, And you know it
Billy Gil “and you know it” during Marlins spring training play-by-play
Plugging Cote podcast
Grandmama might be a Grandmama at this point – still a scary dude
I saw Alonzo Mourning the other day – still huge
Rick Patino is back in college basketball – he is immortal
All of these 1-year NFL deals are going to make week 1 of the NFL season confusing
Back In My Day
Cars that scold you
Changing the sound of your car horn


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