Our First Year of Starting a YouTube Channel Together #2022


by Polly and Jon



Join us as we take a look back at the year 2022, where we started our YouTube channel to create everlasting memories, learn, grow and have fun. Though plenty more to learn, we’ve improved and learned a lot, with better planning, storytelling, recording, designing, and editing, etc. Through the process, we’ve become closer and pursued more fun activities, grown as collaborators, and met some amazing people who have opened their hearts to us. We also take a look at our best and worst moments, top skills learned and set our goals for 2023. The biggest change coming is our move to the Gold Coast, Australia, where we look forward to bringing you with us as we continue to explore, learn, and have fun.

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Thanks to @HongKongBeatbox, @Songfinch, @SeanyMacStudios, @HongKongMagicSchool, @HikenFly @UrbanRangerCamp, @sorrisniva-altanorway201, @holmenhuskylodge1921, @triangleplushongkong, @Jackboxgames, @papabubblehongkong8240, @FirstWeFeast, @lovebook2454, @SandboxVR, @paisanospizzeriahongkong5313, @hkmxclub880, and many more for making the year special and letting us make videos about our experiences.

– Paragliding surprise: https://youtu.be/0o0G0iY4k_M
– Custom song surprise: https://youtu.be/17ySQJlnbGY
– Song workshop surprise: https://youtu.be/LFpEv4D8G0k
– Disneyland alone: https://youtu.be/Xtvp3AMwiVI
– Magic workshop: https://youtu.be/lBph_CwK8fE
– Trying immersive VR: https://youtu.be/XzrxmtinM9g

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Welcome to our quirky couple YouTube channel where we’re documenting our adventures as we go about trying to live our lives with purpose, integrity, hard work, lots of activities, lots of punishments, and lots of fun. Jon = Norwegian. Polly = Hong Konger.


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