New Toyota CEO Had Enough _ Fights EV Regulators_


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The New Toyota CEO has been in his new job since April 1st, and he’s already butting heads with lawmakers. Koji Sato believes that there is more than one way to achieve carbon-neutral transportation and isn’t ready to accept that the only way is to go with fully electric. He’s come under serious scrutiny for not declaring Toyota an EV-first company, rather choosing a practical approach and letting his customer dictate what power trains they want to buy. Today we look at what has happened and what it means for Toyota

Toyota CEO: “This New Engine Will Destroy The Entire EV Industry!”

Toyota is cooking up something new in their garage! And it’s not just any ordinary vehicle. We’re talking about a brand new, revolutionary hydrogen vehicle! So, you may have heard about the Mirai, the hydrogen-powered Toyota vehicle that uses fuel cells to generate electricity. But now, Toyota has come up with something completely different. They’re calling it the new hydrogen combustion engine.

In today’s video we look at Toyota CEO: “This New Engine Will Destroy The Entire EV Industry!”

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Inspired by New Toyota CEO Reveals Hydrogen Combustion Engine | Shocks Industry!

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Inspired by Toyota’s New Hydrogen Engine SHOCKS The Car Industry!

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