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Supersonic travel, allows vehicles to travel faster than 767 miles per hour in dry air at relatively low humidity, also known as the speed of sound. Aircraft capable of traveling at Mach 1 or higher fall under this category. While supersonic travel was exemplified by the Concorde, which was flown by British Airways and Air France from 1976 to 2003, newer companies such as Arion Supersonic and Boom Supersonic are currently developing supersonic planes. Although the Concorde was fast, reaching speeds of 1,350 miles per hour or Mach 2.04, its high fuel consumption, cost, and environmental impact led to its discontinuation. Furthermore, a well-known incident in which the Concorde caught on fire sealed its fate. Despite this, the Concorde will always be associated with supersonic travel, as it allowed people like Phil Collins to cross the Atlantic in just a few hours and make history.


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