Unemployed and Looking for Work


by Steve Connerton



The next chapter and what the future holds for me

My name is Steve Connerton and I am currently unemployed and looking for work.

To give some backstory, let’s go back to the beginning of COVID-19, much like many backstories start.

The day we were told we’d work from home for the next two weeks turned into two years, and then indefinitely.

The world shifted and most were extremely happy to work from home. I wasn’t much of a fan.

I was lacking fulfillment, and decided I had to go back to my roots – Skateboarding.

A new beginning

A little over two years ago I started Skateboarding Saves.

A total passion project, technical endeavor and giving back effort that has been the biggest learning experience of my career and life alike.

In an industry that has shifted it’s focus to a profit-first approach, there’s really not much of a way for small efforts to thrive.

Luckily for me, my career shifted early on to a focus on organic SEO and website performance, which is priceless and necessary for true growth.

Coming into my own

After years of helping companies improve their rankings through solid SEO strategy, Performance Audits and execution, it was time for me to have a project of my own in that regard.

So I applied my career experience and all of the strategies touted by Neil Patel and Hubspot primarily, and applied those approaches to the Skateboarding niche with Skateboarding Saves and yielded results better than I even anticipated.


Skateboarding Saves is giving back effort and a Community of Skateboarders. We believe in helping others thrive out of love and not greed. So for a good year, as a group that’s what Skateboarding Saves was – A vessel of helping others.

We soon realized the strength in numbers at hand, so we decided to growth hack together.

Loyalty of Wolves

Understanding that giving back, doesn’t pay the bills, we collaborated together to come up with the concept of The Wolfpack Network.

The Wolfpack Network is a segment of Skateboarding Saves members that are looking to apply their skills in the Skateboarding Industry and Culture in a for-profit manner.

We’re looking to grow with family, not clients, and want to refuel the local scene of Skateboarding and brick and mortar in general.

Projects of this magnitude take time, but the time I have spent with this group of over the last two years has been priceless and timeless.

The support is what allows me to take projects that extra mile, keep going and to be hungry for more.

Thank you all!

End Goals and Career Aspirations

Although I am heavy on the tech side, my goal is to pursue the technical work part-time, so I can pursue some of the other passions that I have.

One of these includes the first, to my knowledge, Food Truck / Mobile Skate Shop.

This career change allows for me to chase down my dream of all dreams that I have been chasing since my youth – Skateboard Filmer and Editor, and with that comes travel, so it kind of just makes sense.

My plan is to be able to fund the Food Truck / Mobile Skate Shop, however, a lot of that hinges on the success of The Wolfpack Network or a lot of luck.

So the best approach for me, being unemployed, is to be a workhorse as a contractor or full time employee to keep things realistic in the short term.

Where I’ve been, where I hope to go.

I’ve had a solid career with little to no guidance for the most part needed in most situations. These days I am finding most Teams/Zoom meetings useless and time consuming.

I feel this is due to the transition to a massively remote workforce making every day have countless meetings, when really a screen recording with a voice over or an email would probably work.

I am looking to transition out of that chained to the desk feeling that I was having for the last few years.

But the bottom line is, I need work, so I am entertaining all options.

So slipping into another full time contract is a high probability, but I’d like to at least show my areas of interest, which all fall into Skateboard Culture.


Company Type

Pay Style

My Interest



Per Project

Per Hour

Web, Promotion, Photography, Videography, Content Creation, Relationship/Network Building, Reviews




Per Project as Consultant

Full Scale Organic Web Strategy, Design, Collaborations, Relationship/Network Building, Reviews



Per Appearance

Cooking, Food Science, Photography, Videography, Relationship/Network Building, Collaborations, Promotions, Reviews



Per Piece

Grafitti, Lettering, Illustrations, Digital Art, Relationship/Network Building, Collaborations, Promotions, Reviews

MMJ (Medical Marijuana)



Just looking for an in as a PA cardholder and ready to work.

I hope this can at least give a clear idea to recruiters and hiring managers on when and when not to consider me for a role.

Here’s to new beginnings!

Peace & LOVE,


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