Transportation of the Future with H.E. Mattar Mohammed Al-Tayer – GMIS 2017


by Roads and Transport Authority



H.E. Mattar Mohammed Al-Tayer is the Director General & Chairman of the Board of the Dubai Road & Transportation Authority (RTA)

Car manufacturers will have to shift their focus in the future to account for the impact of the ride sharing economy, as studies have shown that in the future, one shared vehicle will replace between nine and 13 private vehicles. “The manufacturers will not like what I am saying. But private [vehicle] manufacturers need to shift their focus from market share to mobility share,” said His Excellency Mattar Al Tayer.

In addition to the impact of the ride sharing economy, delegates heard that 25% of journeys in Dubai will be driverless by 2030, and, 50% of private cars will have self-driving features within a decade. The RTA is already a leader in driverless technology – with Dubai Metro an example of a driverless mass transit system which currently carries 650,000 passengers per day.

Other 2030 targets for the RTA include a 12% reduction in the carbon footprint of transport, decreasing the cost of mobility by 45%, and freeing up space currently occupied by parking to be used as public spaces through the increased use of public transport. At the end of March 2017, the RTA began its trial of the Dubai Integrated Mobility Platform (DIMP), in which 1,000 people are testing an app which connects users with all forms of mass transport in Dubai. It is the responsibility of governments to make strong commitments to create the transport of the future, tailored to their country’s specific needs, His Excellency, concluded, saying Dubai has the vision to shape the future of transport.

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