EU4 True One Tag World Conquest Speedrun in 1472 (WR) Explained


by lambdaxx



This is a fairly in-depth explanation video for my 1472 True One Tag World Conquest run that I completed on March 26th, 2022 (almost a year prior to this video’s release) on patch 1.31.6.

Some info on strategies/exploits presented in this video that have changed:
1) CTA cancel still works to my knowledge, but AIs now “re-send” call to arms, so in practice, it’s not really useful to ignore alliances. It’s still however useful for one time call to arms, such as tributary, guarantee, HRE, etc.
2) The TC fast revoke does not work since 1.32. You can still add all of Africa/Asia to HRE afaik, but it’s far more complicated now.
3) Solon strategy does work, but keep in mind AI will unconditionally surrender now. So you have to 100% them before 1 year passes.
4) Natives are significantly different on 1.34. And I have some insider info that 1.35 natives will be significantly nicer to conquer.
5) Dynasty spread used to work on all religions in the same way as typical PU without the PU/inheriting bit. I think this was changed after 1.31, since I recall I tested this at some point and couldn’t do it. So I think getting Timurids dynasty now requires the Enthrone Timurids decision instead of an early RM with Timurids?

Vods of this run:
My save file (in
Google drive with intermediate save files:

Brahms First Symphony recording from MusOpen:
— 1st mov:
— 2nd mov:
— 3rd mov:
— 4th mov:
Brahms Wiegenlied “Lullaby” performed by me
Brahms First Symphony Piano Transcription by Singer performed/slightly arranged by me

EU4 Wiki:
Pdx Tools:
Bird Facts mod (achievement compatible):
Jetpack image from
Tarkus/Shurik/Elia for thumbnail help
Tarkus’s channel:
00:00 – Introduction
02:35 – Phase One — Fast HRE Revoke
20:02 – Phase Two — Old World Conquest
33:53 – Phase Three/Finale — New World Conquest
40:38 – Parting Words and Timelapse

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