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Trump reportedly offers to scrap EV-friendly EPA emissions rules. BP seeks to rescue stranded Supercharger stations as Tesla’s charging plans fizzle. And does going with a very large battery pack but no charge port make sense in fuel-cell semis and even pickups? Toyota thinks so. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

Although big batteries and hydrogen fuel cells are often seen as two opposing ways to electrify trucks with no tailpipe emissions, Toyota is reworking the formula in its hydrogen fuel-cell semi to include both. With a supersized battery pack but no plug-in capability, Toyota makes more of the fuel-cell tech. Look for the same formula, potentially, in future pickups.

Former President and current Presidential candidate Donald Trump reportedly tried to collect $1 billion in donations from top oil executives at Mar-a-Lago over the promise that Trump would scrap stricter EPA emissions rules anticipated to drive up the sales of EVs. Although with many of these companies recast as diversified, greener “energy companies,” the extra pollution might not be the image they’re looking for. 

And in a strange turn of events, the oil giant BP may rescue Tesla Supercharger sites left in the lurch after Tesla’s still puzzling decision to cut its Supercharger program. BP intends to spend $1 billion by 2030, with half of that investment to be made within the next two to three years. That will include 3,000 U.S. chargers, with some large-scale sites with 12 or more chargers, to be called Gigahubs.

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