Minecraft Spectrum mod – How to guide 1.18.1


by Enki



Spectrum Is a Fabric only mod for Minecraft. This walkthrough /HOW to Guide covers Version for Minecraft 1.18.1. Fully unlocking this mod adds enchantments. Wireless Redstone, Potions, jewelry, and lots and lots of unique cosmetic items.

0:00 – intro
1:14 – How to identify items that are locked behind progression
1:30 – How to start
2:45 – Creating your Pigment Pedestal
4:03 – upgrading your Pedestal
6:00 – Creating your first alter
7:58 – Creating pre enchanted tools
9:15 – Bottle of Fading
11:43 – Swamp reeds
12:00 – Item mutations
12:49 – Pigments trees
14:05 – Fusion shrine
16:00 – Some cosmetics that are unlocked
17:52 – Bottle of Failing
19:40 – Semi-permeable glass
20:24 – why leaving failing blocks unattended is very dangerous
20:40 – decay away – dealing with failing blocks that are eating the world
21:16 – Neolite and raw azurite.
21:40 – Mermaid gems
23:25 – Enchanting shrine
26:20 – outro stuff I didn’t cover

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