Vehicles Of The Future – Future Transportation System 2050


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The Future of Transportation
Vehicles Of The Future – Future Transportation System 2050
Tech companies from time to time come up with big ideas to depict or at least describe what private and public transportation of the future would be like. Although most of them appear to be a bit too sci-fi and far-fetched to be true, few have been tested and materialized. Here are some vehicles to give us a glimpse into what the next generation will use to get from point A to B.

Gyroscopic Transport
A unique project known as Second-Level Transport developed by Dahir Insaat Company, once again brings forward the idea of alternative mass-transportation system similar to the Transit Elevated Bus, the massive bus that crawls the street like a moving bridge.

Underground Tunnels Transportation
The Boring Company, owned by the same man behind SpaceX, is at the moment working on a subway system for cars underneath the streets of Las Vegas. The basic idea is essentially the same as an underground rail network, but the tunnels are designed for electric cars, not trains.

Airbus Pop.Up
Pop.Up as a concept was presented at the 2017 Geneva auto show. It is part helicopter and part car, and Airbus claims that although further development will rely on technologies that at this point are not mature enough, the basic idea actually is feasible.

Renault Float
The pod-like vehicle looks like a floating bubble, with each bubble seating up to two passengers. Not only is Renault Float a levitating vehicle, it is also modular in the sense that the pods can attach to each other using a magnetic belt without having to stop for the process.

The AeroMobil is a fascinating vehicle for several reasons; first off, it’s a real flying car. Yes, that can actually fly in real life. In an amazing feat of engineering, the designers of the AeroMobil have managed to combine this functionality with a sleek and eerie beauty that makes this vehicle a true work of art.

Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100
Most Rolls-Royce production cars throughout the history of the company have always pushed the boundary of what a luxury car should be. Now that BMW has given them the chance to build a concept car, the result is a breathtaking combination of future technologies and an old-fashioned lavishness.

Terrafugia TF-X
Known as TF-X, Terrafugia has fitted it with hybrid powertrain to propel the wheels on the ground and two electric rotors for flying. The vehicle does its takeoff vertically instead of requiring high speed run before airborne. The pair of electric motors put in combination with a petrol engine that generates 300 horsepower should theoretically deliver ridiculous amount of megawatt.

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