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by Shane Cox



We proudly present to you our very limited and extremely magical Corey Duffel Guest Board! We have been fast friends with Corey over the last few years. Our love of the same music and movies has made for great conversations and shared excitement over new discoveries. Corey’s love of skateboarding is probably the most pure and authentic I have ever witnessed. He is truly enamored with and appreciates every aspect of skateboarding – especially the boards he rides. Finally, and most importantly, Corey is a beautiful guy inside and out. When we decided to make a board together we knew it had to be something personal and special. To that end, we used inspiration from a fav movie of Corey’s – “The Dark Crystal” – and incorporated his wonderful dog Blixa. The shape chosen by Corey has roots from the 90s and is rumored to be the one that FS nose blunts were invented on. Hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed making it. Available now.

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