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They have many names: flying cars, multicopters, VTOLs, passenger drones, long-range helicopters or just future planes.
These unique machines come in a wide range of flight styles, from simple fixed-propeller configurations (lift and cruise) to transformers in a variety of shapes (tilting rotors, fan-in-wing).
But all of them are united by the ability of vertical take-off and landing, as well as the ability to overcome huge distances in excess of 1000 km (600 miles), thanks to the use of liquid fuels to generate electricity. And these amazing engineering creations can be as environmentally friendly as fully electric VTOLs, when using hydrogen.
These advantages may allow hybrid aircrafts to become universal vehicles in the future, replacing cars and buses, helicopters and private jets, providing transportation from home to home.

00:00 Intro
00:43 How hybrid vtol aircrafts works?
01:22 10. FLYTER
02:03 9. SKAI
02:43 8. ZURI
03:44 7. SOAR
04:38 6. CITYHAWK
05:45 5. ATEA
06:37 4. CAVORITE X5
07:48 3. CYCLOCAR
09:12 2. TRIFAN 600
11:28 1. STARLING
13:05 ODYS

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